Euphoric Sleep Blend

dreamy diffuser blend


There are lots of great oils out there that support sleep: lavender, doTERRA’s Serenity blend, vetiver, & marjoram to name a few.

Patchouli plus clary sage is simply a magical combo. Patchouli is known to quell an overly active intellect, uplift creativity, calm the body, sooth anger, and act as a sedative, amongst many other therapeutic uses. Clary sage on the other hand has been known to create both euphoria and a deeply relaxed state of being. In addition, this sweet oil is known to help you remember your dreams.

I stumbled upon this combo about a month ago, and I can not stop diffusing it. The smell makes me swoon and any nighttime insomnia is quickly subdued.

Try 5 drops of each clary sage & patchouli in your diffuser and let me know what you think!


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